The most practical approaches taken to support individuals suffering from acne include physical, vocational, psychosocial and educational intervention strategies. The physical responses deal with overcoming physical complications and getting rid of pimples using effective drugs and medicines. This is done to restore the shine of the skin. There are other various types of acne treatment methods that have the ability to enhance the shine of the skin of individuals. On the flipside, vocational intervention strategies are applied for skin treatment clinics. These organizations, mainly work in partnerships with other local bodies. These professional strategies enhance the life experience of individuals’ with acne problems. It is interesting to note that the vocational training depends on the extent of disabilities of a person. The main reason behind this is that it ensures a friendly environment in which a patient and a doctor will both grow. The primary function of these strategies is to induce a belief of self-dependency and the ability to protect self from any adversities.

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